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Our New Building: Top 5 Questions Answered!

David Mitchell - Friday, January 29, 2016

As many of you are probably already aware, our office will soon be moving up the road to 425 St. Mary Street, at the corner of St. Mary and Ridgefield Rd.  With the renovation of this old house comes many questions from our patients and others in the community.  We've noticed a few questions that come up more often than others, so I will try to answer them here.

#1:  Where are we going to park?

Answer:  Yes, this is probably the most important question.  One of our biggest concerns and issues in our current office is parking.  Thankfully, parking will be much improved at our new location. The parking lot adjacent on St. Mary Street will easily facilitate parking for all of our patients.

#2:  Umm. So that yellow color looks . . . different... nice, I mean!   Umm but....  Okay, is the new building going to be YELLOW?

Answer:  No.  And thank you for trying to be diplomatic.  The HardyBoard material that is being used on the exterior of the new additions is a yellow color.  Rest assured, however, the building will be painted white before we are finished.  We really want to keep the look of the old house.  

#3a:  Is it going to be bigger?  (and follow up) #3b:  Are you going to live there, too?

Answer:  It will be bigger.  Roughly twice the size of our current office, both Dr. Lisa and Dr. Dave will be easily able to see their patients at the same time.  Our goal is always to reduce wait times and give you the best experience possible.  We have created this office for the benefit of our patients, so the entirety of the building is dedicated to you.  We spend so much time at the office it just feels like we live there. . . 

#4: What will happen to this current office/building?

Answer:  Are you about to make an offer?  Seriously, though, our plans are to sell the current building.  It has been great for us, and we hope it continues to be a great place for someone else to work (or live).

#5: When are you moving???

Answer:  Good question!  According to our contractor, the end of December. . .then, the end of January. . . now, the middle of February.  But we hope to be in within the next 2-3 weeks.  And we hope you all are as excited as we are about it!  

Our New Building: Top 5 Questions Answered!