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David Mitchell - Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Okay-- can I brag about my wife for a minute?

Dr. Lisa Mitchell has the most advanced training and expertise in contact lens fittings that I know of, and she has been specializing in difficult to fit and medically necessary contact lenses for nearly 12 years now. 

Fitting contact lenses on irregular corneas is no easy task, especially if an eye care practitioner has little to no experience fitting such patients.  I know— I have done more fits in these types of lenses than most doctors, but compared to Dr. Lisa, I am a novice!  Dr. Lisa has distinguished herself by successfully completing more of these difficult contact lens fits than any other doctor in our area, and probably our state.

Dr. Lisa has improved the quality of life for patients who have before been told there is no hope.  By designing custom contact lenses, Dr. Lisa has helped patients where surgery, glasses, or traditional contact lenses have failed.   

Dr. Lisa regularly fits scleral lenses, which are large diameter specialty lenses ideal for patients who have irregular corneas (the clear front part of your eye).  Their large size actually makes them more comfortable, so there is no adaptation phase to wearing them— many patients actually say they cannot even feel them in their eyes!  And they offer the same superior optical quality of standard rigid (RGP) contact lenses. 

Conditions she is able to help correct include prior RK (Radial Keratotomy), hexagonal keratotomy, corneal transplant, post-LASIK, pellucid marginal degeneration, high and irregular astigmatism, aphakia (in both children and adults), and keratoconus.  

Dr. Lisa only uses the best products in contact lens technology, and patients have been referred from around the state to seek her expertise.  We are lucky to have her in our community (and, yes, I'm lucky to have her as my wife)!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Dave

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