Eye Health

Specialty Contact Lenses

Tuesday, December 22, 2015
Okay-- can I brag about my wife for a minute? Dr. Lisa Mitchell has the most advanced training and expertise in contact lens fittings that I know of, and she has been specializing in difficult to fit and medically necessary contact lenses for nearly 12 years now. Fitting contact lenses on irregular corneas is no easy task, especially if an eye care practitioner has little to no experience fitting such patients. I know— I have done more fits in these types of lenses than most  ..

Why Is My Eye Twitching?

Tuesday, December 09, 2014
I've had several people ask this question in the past few weeks, so thought it warranted addressing it here. That annoying lid twitch, that may feel like a rippling or vibration in your eyelid, is called myokymia. It actually feels much more dramatic than it looks, and while you may feel like others will see it, the spasm is usually much too subtle to be noticed. These twitches, tics, and spasms are actually pretty common, and can last for weeks or even months. So the real ques ..

Psychogenic Lacrimation: Why We Cry

Thursday, October 16, 2014
Psychogenic lacrimation is the term that describes tearing up or crying as an emotional response. This type of tears is typically associated with anger, sadness, or even extreme happiness or relief. But what is the underlying reason that we tear up when we are sad? To answer that, let’s first examine how our tears are made. The bulk of our tears is produced by the lacrimal glands. We have one of these glands in each eye, and they sit just under the temporal (outer) aspect of our ..